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5 Out of the Box Netflix Shows With Strong Female Leads

Netflix has so many amazingly creative shows and movies to watch and if you’re looking for some shows with strong and fearless women front and center, we’ve got you covered. Here are five out of the box shows with strong female leads available on Netflix.

A still from Cable Girls (Source: Twitter)

1. Godless

Netflix’s seven-episode American Western miniseries Godless is an authentic and enthralling tale set

in the 1880s West. Godless challenges the norms of the Western genre being all about men. And

along with other things, a great deal of story also revolves a town run by women and no, they didn’t

abandon their homes and decide to live entirely by themselves but the men of the town actually

died in a mining accident but that doesn’t change the fact that Godless has much more active,

fearless female characters than any Western and they aren’t your regular Western female

characters, they are bold, courageous and they protect their own.

A still from Godless (Source: Twitter)

2. Cable Girls

This series is set in 1920s Spain and represents the women’s move towards equality and respect in

the workforce. It follows around women who get jobs in the first national telephone company of

Spain, located in Madrid. The show very well portrays the struggles, hardships of women entering

the workforce in the 1920s, when women were just expected to remain within the domestic spheres and

cater to traditional expectations. The show also portrays male characters who think that

having jobs outside the domestic world is something that they’re solely entitled to, as according to

them it has to do with their masculinity. The show also touches upon the issues of sexual and

physical violence by intimate partners. Every character has a different backstory but they’re all still

the same and come together. Cable Girls is a brave yet beautiful series.

A still from Cable Girls (Source: Pinterest)

3. The Crown

Apart from being one of the most expensive shows ever, The Crown is also one of the best pieces of

entertainment. This series presents the chronicles of the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to

modern times and it gives you a sneak peek into the personal life of the most famous people in the

world. The show is full of romances, personal intrigues and political rivalries. Even if you have very

little or no interest in British Monarchy, it doesn’t matter because after watching first couple

episodes, you’re going to stick. And this show will definitely leave you with a better and deeper

understanding of the monarchy.

A still from The Crown (Source: Pinterest)

4. Alias Grace

Alias Grace, a six-part limited series is an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel. The plot is based

on a real murder case. It’s based in 19th century Victorian Canada and follows the life of Grace

Marks an Irish immigrant who was accused of one of her employers’ murder. She became known all

over Canada as the “notorious murderess”. The character of Grace Marks is vulnerable but strong and

fierce at the same time. The show also very well portrays classism, anti-immigrant sentiments and

exploitation of female house helps that very well existed at that time. But the question still remains-

Was Grace guilty or innocent?

A still from Alias Grace (Source: Twitter)

5. Anne with An E

Anne with An E is a drama television series which happens to be a reimagination of the novel ‘Anne of

Green Gables’ (1908) by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The story revolves around an orphan teenage girl

called Anne Shirley Cuthbert, who’s later adopted by this brother-sister duo Marilla and Matthew

Cuthbert. Anne has a wild but aesthetically pleasing imagination. She’s a nature’s baby and loves and

talks to everything and everyone around her. She welcomes everyone with open arms and has

stories for everybody. This kindred spirit is also a strong feminist who rides horses, does farm work

and pretty much everything that were supposed to be a man’s job. This show also touches upon

topics like homophobia, bullying, human rights, sexual harassment, racism etc which stand very

relevant even in today’s context. The show has been filmed and told in very creative and impactful

manner. Though the show has been ended without a season finale, the three seasons are still

available on Netflix for you to stream.

A still from Anne with An E (Source: Twitter)

So, what are you waiting for? Go start your T.V. marathon!

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