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5 UP Cops Dismissed Over Mishandling The Hathras Case

Days after the cross country shock over the death and the gang rape of a 20-year-old Dalit young lady in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras, the UP government has suspended the Superintendent of Police and four other police officers.

(Source- The Tribune)

The Special Investigation Team examining the occurrence in its underlying report brought for their suspension over charges of a carelessness.

It has likewise requested a narco-investigation, otherwise called lie-indicator tests, of each one of those including the captured associates and the family with the person in question.

The 20-year-elderly girl, who was assaulted on September 14 out of a field close to her home in Hathras, passed away on Tuesday. Her body was quickly cremated at 2:30 am by the police in a clear attempt to obstruct the long protests.

But, clashes erupted in numerous urban cities of the nation out of which one was in Delhi on Friday that was gone to by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Chandrashekar Azad, head of the Bhim Army who serves to individuals from the Dalit people group, to which the lady had a place.

The police activity for the situation, remembering the stealthy cremation and the checks for the town to impede the media and government officials, has been especially condemned.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday had guaranteed that his administration was "focused on the wellbeing, security and advancement of all things mothers and sisters".

Not just the Hathras, Balrampur, Azamgarh and Bhadohi assault cases are likewise under the notice of individuals sending the Yogi government at a disadvantage.

In a tweet in Hindi, the CM stated, "The individuals who even consider hurting moms and girls in UP, their demolition is guaranteed. They will get such discipline that will set a model for what's to come. The govt of UP is focused on the wellbeing and security and advancement, everything being equal, and sisters. This is our responsibility and guarantee."

Is this the first time?

This has not been the first time when the government takes such an action against the police officers in their malpractices after the mismanagement of delicate or important issues. Very recently, on 24th August, five Uttar Pradesh Police officers were suspended for helping a gangster named Badan Singh Baddo escape police custody.

Such cases call for immediate action by the government i.e. to implement stringent laws for the working of the higher officials who even after so much of discord don’t seem to resist in taking any of such actions. Only then it would be possible for the system to work a little more efficiently.

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