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Afghanistan Floods Kill At Least 100

Flash floods in Parwan province of Afghanistan left at least 100 dead.

Source: Reuters

People of Afghanistan woke up to destroyed homes and dead or missing relatives and friends as flash floods hit the City of Charikar, early on Wednesday morning and killed at least 100 people. 

Afghanistan's disaster management ministry informed that hundreds of houses were destroyed and dozens injured and children were also among the victims. 

According to a spokeswoman for northern Parwan province, casualties may continue to rise as rescue workers are still searching for survivors in the rubble of destroyed buildings. She also said that it was beyond the capacity of local bodies to help the affected families and the central government should immediately step in to help them. 

According to reports, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has ordered the delivery of emergency assistance to Parwan and other affected provinces. 

Source: Reuters

A survivor told Tolo News, “There are  two families in our neighborhood who are still under the debris.”

Floods have left many residents homeless and people are in need of food and shelter. 

Summer often brings heavy rainfall and flash floods in many regions of Afghanistan and cause heavy destruction. Earlier this month, flash floods in Khewa district left 16 dead, including children. 

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