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Amazon and Flipkart to make $600 million in sale

According to a report by Business Insider, Amazon and Flipkart are set to make a business of about 600 million dollars. They will be witnessing this during the sale events that will be conducted on these platforms. According to analysts and industry insiders, the e-commerce platforms are going to make at least 25 percent higher in sales, in comparison to pre-Covid.

Besides that, they are also witnessing an increase in the number of orders by 40 percent in comparison to normal conditions. Business Insider has reported that these e-commerce giants are having sale events. However, those aren’t dominant sale events, like Flipkart’s ‘Big Billion Days’ or Amazon’s ‘Great Indian Festival’. The report also quoted an industry insider who said, “In normal times these events would not have been big, but now there is less competition as shoppers are avoiding to visit the stores due to fear of catching the virus.”

“There has been a good response for brands (on Amazon and Flipkart) especially in categories such as electronics, appliances and smartphones as more number of people are working from home,” Satish Meena, a senior forecast analyst at Forrester Research said in the aforementioned report.

He continued, “the sales value would look good as the ticket size of these categories is big. However, this time companies are not focusing much on discounts on these categories as they are not seeing competition from the offline stores.” The fear of contracting the deadly Covid-19 has definitely reduced competition for the likes of such e-commerce platforms, creating an unprecedented rise in their sales.

Another aspect of these events is that certain sellers are pushing for deep discounts in order to get rid of goods of Chinese origin. Of course, this is taking place after the government’s campaign to boycott all Chinese products. The government is also asking platforms like Amazon and Flipkart to make the ‘Country of Origin’ visible for each product displayed. They’re asking these giants to implement this feature by mid-August, this year, in an attempt to promote goods of Indian origin.

During the sale events, these companies had been providing deals on products of all types. Ranging from technology to beauty, they left no stone unturned. Amazon’s Prime Day sale, saw several mobile phones like the OnePlus 7 range, which was sold at a discount of up to Rs 10,000. Among its own devices, Echo Dot was available at a discount of up to 50 percent.


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