Do Memes and Pop Culture Impact Things IRL?

Memes have always been a medium for people, particularly the youngsters, to communicate and bond with different people out there. This added bonding feature along with the generic one to make people laugh have played a major role in making memes a crucial part of the 'Popular Culture'. Memes come with several impacts on the receivers where they get to lighten their moods up with the help of these images. But not always these impacts are for the good. Sometimes they might be opinion changing.

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What are memes?

Memes and social media are ideal for one another. The two ideas are tied in with associating with individuals on the web. While online media is a stage for correspondence, memes are a method of communicating a socially important thought. A meme is a picture or video that speaks to the contemplations and sentiments of a particular crowd (Opera, 2020). Most images are subtitled photographs planned to inspire humour. In any case, there are numerous viral video images as well.

Richard Dawkins authored the term in 1976 in his book The Selfish Gene, where he depicted how culture is sent through ages. In his definition, memes are "units of culture" spread through the dissemination of thoughts. Images are especially remarkable online because the web solidifies them as antiquities of correspondence and quickens their circulation through subcultures. (Wired, 1994)

And keeping in mind that many individuals consider memes harmless amusement—clever, snarky remarks on recent developments—we're a long ways past that now. Image wars are a reliable component of our legislative issues, and they're not simply being utilized by web savages or some exhausted children in the cellar, yet by governments, political applicants, and activists over the globe.

The Memes Themselves

One great event that causes the popularity of memes revolves around the fact that being an asset of pop culture, memes are known to hold up to other elements of pop culture to gain that popularity. This means that they become popular only when they are about something popular. This concept might not be applicable for all the content but for most of it.

Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer space-themed game that has been moving among the gaming network as of late. The game is accessible on Android, iOS and even Microsoft Windows. Because of the prohibition on PUBg, various Indian gaming decorations were searching for something new to play. Among Us has become their main goal as Youtube has been overwhelmed by the number of gamers streaming this space-related puzzling game.

The game has also been attracting a lot of attention by the meme creators out there who have gotten a lot of content by the rising popularity of the game. These memes have become a great medium for the players of the game to connect with other players out there or for that fact have even compelled the non-players to play the game out of the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO). The game is now played by a wide audience and its popularity is rising like never before.


Mirzapur is a crime and action thriller web series on Amazon Prime Video.

The film's plot rotates around drugs, firearms, murders and wilderness. It portrays the decaying state of administration and rule of mafia wears and the competition and wrongdoing winning in the Purvanchal locale of Uttar Pradesh. Its first season comprises 9 scenes altogether.

Mirzapur is back with another season and alongside wild activity and significant exchanges, it brings along a lot of memes that are assuming control over the social media. The show was at that point well known among netizens and everybody was excitedly trusting that the subsequent season will show up. The show was made accessible to stream on 23rd October and not long after a few memes surfaced on the web. In the context of the show, the memes have intentionally or unintentionally helped in creating the hype for the new season of the series and the hype has actually been worth it. The show is streaming on the top charts of the country and continuous circulation of memes have helped to increase its fanbase even more.

Are the impacts always fun?

Memes are extraordinary devices for communication and connection inside virtual networks, yet these memes can likewise be exceptionally risky to one's mind. Since the web is an enormous stage for the spread of memetic data, individuals are continually presented to all the various practices, perspectives, and ways of life of others and groups of people. Memes are egotistical and their fundamental objective through transmission is to mass-produce, copy precisely, and last the longest. This implies that specific kinds of memes can impact individuals to "characterize themselves as far as the personality of [a] gathering, they depersonalize, or self-generalization" to fit inside a specific standard (Turner, as referred to in Mazambani et al., 2013). In outrageous cases, this adjusting attitude can prompt a great deal of mental weight and even the idea of FOMO can take an ugly unexpected turn for the viewer since they might not be able to relate to something on the internet maybe because of lack of resources or whatsoever. At the point when one feels as though they neglect to "fit in" with a network, or on the off chance that they perceive that they can't imitate certain memetic practices like social familiarity "precisely," they may get on edge and phobic of social collaborations.

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Also with the advancement of technology, we see a new player contributing a lot to this game i.e. the meme culture. These visual messages that once made us laugh about our school friendships or what our elders expected from us, have now really gone beyond what is just humour and have taken a scary turn (NY Times 2020). A lot of meme creators have now taken the heavy responsibility of informing their audiences about the issues prevailing around the world but in their altered ways. The news information that these memes provide, has mostly led to the creation of distinct narratives amongst the youth. And because of this, a major source of getting news information for the youth of our nation is social media. Thus, whatever they read here is right and if they further try to find more about that particular issue, and they disagree with it, they regard it as fake. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram along with Whatsapp have thus become the platform for the bulk circulation of news and these memes.

Memes have meshed their way into mainstream society and the exchange of social data has become intensified on account of the web. While memes have become extraordinary instruments for correspondence and articulation, we should give nearer consideration to the unfriendly mental impacts that they have. Regardless of what the expenses are, the objective of memes is to spread without a motive. The manner in which this data spread doesn't consider the potential danger that specific images present towards its owner and different networks. Once in a while on the grounds that the web is so immense we may feel as though we are suffocating in an ocean of information where memes are simply holding on to supersede and assume control over our psyches like a disease or infection. So as to hinder the spreading of risky memes, we should perceive what they are and consider all the impacts that they have on differing portions of our lives and others also. Regardless of whether it be political, social, informative, or recreational, memes are all over and they control such a large amount of what we accept and know (Faiswal Kasirye, 2019).


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