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Finger Lickin' Good No More: KFC Hits The Breaks On Its Slogan Amidst The Pandemic

When KFC was founded in the 1950’s by Colonel Sanders, life was vastly different compared to today. Consequentially, in the spirit of the times, KFC has temporarily stopped the use of its iconic slogan as its consumers find themselves in a different world.

Source: Business Insider

“It’s finger lickin' good”, no truer words have been exclaimed when KFC’s consumer bite into their food. The slogan, which is considered gospel by many has allowed KFC to be a household name. Yet, the pandemic and consequentially the closure of its outlets worldwide, has urged the executive board to drop its slogan.

"We find ourselves in a unique situation - having an iconic slogan that doesn't quite fit in the current environment," the company said. In view of this statement, KFC will also drop the slogan from all its marketing, as well as its packaging. The catalyst for the decision, in-fact was borne after viewers complaining about its branding during the pandemic.

In March, the Advertising Standards Authority received 163 complaints about a KFC TV advert which featured people licking their fingers. KFC, along with multiple fast food chains, have encountered issues of food quality management during the pandemic. The problem was especially amplified in the United States, where the listing of meat and poultry production as a necessary service, led to hundreds of workers working longer hours, lacking the PPE kit required during the pandemic. The workers condition triggered workers to unionize and protest against their employers. Consequentially, the drop off in poultry and meat production, severely affected fast food brands such as KFC, who relied on the factory’s production to satisfy their own consumers.

The breakdown in the chain of service, angered many of fast food companies consumers. KFC’s decision of dropping its slogan, is kept in view of recovering from the pandemic, as any negative PR surrounding the company would aggravate the company’s trouble even more. The executive’s decision marks a historic date for the company, as it is only the second time the company has ever dropped its iconic slogan, the first one being in 2008.

The move was necessitated one, as fast food business is a slow growth, with razor thin margins on business. Thus any gain or loss of consumers can seal the fate of its business. KFC and other fast food companies, have gained consumer support since some lockdown restrictions have been lifted worldwide, however its still a long road to full recovery.

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