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Mijito Vinito Walks Out of UNGA in the Course of Imran Khan's Address

The Indian agent at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York left the corridor when Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's pre-recorded proclamation was played on Friday.

Mijito Vinito, the first secretary at India's UN mission to the United Nations (Souce- Associated Press)

The agent who was a junior diplomat, named Mijito Vinito from the 2010 group of the Indian Foreign Service, got his papers and left the corridor as Khan's discourse was played on a huge overhead screen.

Just like his other latest addresses to the multilateral bodies, Khan raised the Kashmir issue and reprimanded the Indian government on various issues.

After Khan's discourse, TS Tirumurti, India's lasting agent to the UN, tweeted that the nation would utilize the "right of reply" means to react to the Pakistani chief's discourse.

“PM of Pakistan statement a new diplomatic low -- at 75th UN General Assembly. Another litany of vicious falsehood, personal attacks, warmongering and obfuscation of Pakistan’s persecution of its own minorities & of its cross-border terrorism. Befitting Right of Reply awaits," India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador T S Tirumurti tweeted. (PTI)

India has strongly revealed to Pakistan that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has been, is, and will keep on being an indispensable part of India. New Delhi has kept up that issues identified with Jammu and Kashmir are inward issues or rather internal issues to India, which does not require any external expertise.

Pakistan has been fruitlessly attempting to scrounge up worldwide help against India for pulling back Jammu and Kashmir's extraordinary status on August 5 a year ago and bifurcating it into two association regions - Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

India has completely told the worldwide network that the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution was its internal issue. It likewise urged Pakistan to acknowledge the reality and stop all anti-India propaganda. (PTI)

Then, PM Modi is booked to address the discussion for all intents and purposes today at 6:30 pm IST (New York time: 9 am).

On Friday, at the 45th meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, India had hammered Pakistan over its charges upon India on the minorities issue in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Considering Pakistan a "nursery and focal point of terrorism", Senthil Kumar, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of India, Geneva, stated: "Pakistan utilizes each chance to offer unwarranted and erroneous comments against my nation which mirror their negative and paranoic perspective."

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