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PM Modi calls for reforms at UN and pushes for a larger role for India

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for reforms in the international body and emphasized for inclusion of India in the decision making structure of the United Nations. The PM raised the question that the ideas and values on which the UN was built, do they still remain relevant as the whole global community awaits a greater involvement of the body in world affairs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Source: The Hindu

Modi acknowledged that the UN should be given due credit for a number of achievements in the last 75 years but at the same time, the international body needs to introspect regarding certain other areas where more work could have been done. He hit out at the body saying that although there has not been a major Third World War since its inception but there have been instances of civil wars and terror attacks. Modi asked whether UN’s efforts to tackle these situations have been sufficient or not. He also questioned whether the UN's response towards combating a global pandemic has been adequate or not. He emphasized that the need of the hour is that there needs to be a change in the appearance, arrangements, and reactions of the body.

Prime Minister asked sternly how long will India be kept excluded from the decision making structures of the UN and the people of India are eagerly looking forward to a logical end of the reforms process in the body. He said that since India is the world’s largest democracy, where more than 18 % of the world’s population lives, with hundreds of languages, dialects, creeds, and ideologies. He went on to assert the contributions that India has made as a part of the United Nations towards world welfare.

He said that when India extends its hand of friendship to another country it is never against any other third country and how India’s pharmaceutical industries have sent essential medicines to 150 countries during the pandemic. He assured that India would raise its voice against terrorism, arms smuggling, drugs, and money laundering.

PM Modi counted on his government’s works in integrating people in banking systems, and freeing millions of people from open defecation and in making India a leading country in terms of Digital Transactions and other efforts towards alleviation of poverty and empowerment of women.

In his entire address he did not even mention once China or Pakistan, the countries with which India is engaged in border stand-offs.

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