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President Trump Warns Citizens of an Uncertain Election

President Trump has launched a staunch warning against the United States Postal Service and the sheer frequency of ballots it will receive. Will the USPS be up to the task?

Source: DNA India

President Trump has always been a sceptic rather than an optimist. Be it the voting results of 2016 and a possible Russian involvement in the elections or even presently, with Mr. Trump’s questioning of the USPS. The Coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic that ensued has jeopardized the 2020 Presidential elections, which were to be held in November. No fundraisers, no rallies and most importantly a lack of spotlight has hindered the President to project strength and resolve its supporter need.

Yet, as the ballots and polls take place Donald Trump is far from concerned about his political opponent, Democrat nominee Joe Biden. However there is a cause for concern in the Republican party, as Donald Trump has been losing support and trust, due to the state of the pandemic and how it has ravaged the American life. Thus, Donald Trump has resorted to his scepticism, a quality which served him well throughout his life.

Mr. Trump’s suspicions and beliefs are not unfounded. The USPS has been suffering funding cuts, reporting a loss of $2.2 billion in the third quarter. The USPS funding cuts, also provides a challenge of another sort as USPS employs 100,000 veterans, most of whom rely on these checks for their day to day lives. Funding cuts exacerbated by the Pandemic has weakened the USPS.

It is this weakness which the President is concerned about, because it is projected nearly 50 million ballots would be casted by mail in voting and with the polls projecting a rising Joe Biden approval rates, misplacement of a few thousands of votes, can be the difference.

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