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Protests Erupt in Belarus Amidst Doubtful Coronation of President-Elect

Mass Protests have erupted in various parts of Belarus, as President Lukashenko was re-elected, amidst suspicious circumstances.

Belarus Protest (Source: @fjrejejiej - Twitter)

Many Belarusians, as well as Opposition Candidate Ms. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya have denied the results, claiming the Election Polls were rigged. Such suspicions, however, are not unfounded, as President Lukashenko has been known to curb dissent amongst detractors, often employing the KGB to illegally detain and harass the critics.

With an Iron Grip over the Country, many Belarusians have voiced their disapproval over Lukashenko. A struggling economy and a poor response to the Coronavirus has prompted many to come out and support Ms Svetlana, a political newcomer whose husband was jailed for his activism. However, with the Election Commission declaring Mr. Lukashenko had 80.23% of the total vote, protests rose in various parts of Belarus. On ground reports have suggested one protestor has been killed, whilst 200 people have been Injured. The police have said to detain around 3000 protestors. Commenting on the unprecedented Protests, Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reported the Capital was “a city filled with anger and frustration”. The Opposition Candidate, Ms Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has denied the results of the elections, as her campaign claims that she had won in dozens of Polling Stations in Minsk.

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