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Saudi Arabia Detains African Migrants

Horrific pictures and videos have emerged of African migrants being forced to stay in incommodious detention facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Black Migrants detained in Saudi Arabia. Source: TRT WORLD

British newspaper, The Telegraph, revealed the photographs on Sunday portraying ostensibly many men living in incommodious conditions inside the prisons, that Saudi authorities apparently originated to stem the unfold of the Corona virus pandemic.

The photos show row upon row of men, United Nations agencies have stripped all the way down to their undergarments to manage the incapacitating heat, lying on concrete exploitation makeshift pillows fabricated from rolled up garments to sustain their heads.

Saudi Arabia has agreed to analyze the photos which revealed that the Gulf State is keeping thousands of African migrants secured in incommodious and insanitary detention centres as a part of a drive to prevent the unfolding of Corona virus.

Conditions of the areas are unhealthy which led folks to die and therefore the pictures were then compared to the slave camps. The Telegraph has published video and pictures of one of the detention centres. It shows raw sewage spilling across the ground in a region during which those migrants are asked to sleep and eat.

“Please facilitate us”, one among those within the video is detected pleading. “Watch this and do one thing for the U.S.A.,” says another.

The investigation, initially revealed on Sunday, has sparked a windstorm of condemnation and criticism round the world from human rights teams, politicians, and Black Lives Matters activists.

The British government said it absolutely was “very concerned” and therefore the official opposition caught up immediately from the Saudi authorities.

“Emerging evidence of the shocking conditions in which African migrants are being held in Saudi detention centres is deeply disturbing and demands immediate action,” said Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Doughty.

“The Saudi Government must bring an immediate end to this appalling practice and permit access for independent health and human rights experts. It is vital that those being detained are held in line with international migration law and treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve.”

“UK Government Ministers must immediately raise this worrying situation with their counterparts in Saudi Arabia, particularly in light of the country’s historically poor record on protecting and upholding human rights,” Mr Doughty added.

The story has sparked outrage across the continent and therefore the geographic region, and has featured conspicuously on Al Jazeera and alternative Arabic media channels.

A spokesperson for the UN’s International Office of Migration (IOM) in Geneva said that they were “deeply concerned about the troubling images of Ethiopian migrants detained in Saudi Arabia, in apparently inhumane conditions.”

Graphic mobile pictures sent to the newspaper by migrants control within the detention centres show dozens of pinched men unfit by the warmth lying half-naked in packed rows in tiny rooms with barred windows.

Many haven't been outside for five months since they were rounded up by Saudi security forces in April as a part of a drive to prevent the unfolding of Coronavirus.

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