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Sports Sector in India

With a burning pitch and excitement, India has been known to be a country with some definite interest in the sports industry. But, looking back in time, due to lack of strong talent identification and long-term athlete development system along with lack of professionalism and absence of strong domestic competition structure, India hasn’t been able to predominantly thrive in the sports sector.

Photo Credit: The Economic Times

“Non-integration of sports with education at the school, college and university levels, inadequate support in terms of high performance coaches and other support staff, sports sciences and medicine etc., are the other key reasons for the poor performance of Indian sportspersons” said Sports Minister Vijay Goel.

One of the other reasons is widespread poverty that makes it very difficult for many Indian families to provide the means to their children to pursue a career in sports.

Additionally the concept of school sports or college sports is still not seen as an option in India's education system and both schools and colleges also lack basic infrastructure that can help encourage sports. Public schools have limited resources whereas private schools while having the funding and adequate facilities, largely run on academics with the belief that academic education reaps more success than any field of sports.

Unfortunately with popular dialogues such as “Padhhoge likhoge banoge nawaab, kheloge kudoge banoge kharaab”, this ideology just keeps on increasing gradually and sports all over fail to become a priority for a majority of Indian parents, their kids and the society as well.

While keeping in mind all these shortcomings, schools and other educational institutions along with the government have the power to influence change and it is high time that they use this power and give all the sports the due consideration that they deserve. Meanwhile, the athletes should also start receiving support from their near and dear ones along with the entire country and the government alike.


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